1pcs 50ml Women's Perfume Lasting Fresh Eau De Encounters Fragrance sweats Antiperspirant deodorant

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1pcs 50ml Women's Perfume Lasting Fresh Eau De  Encounters Fragrance sweats Antiperspirant deodorant

The fragrance once again explores the true meaning of charm. Four of the fragrances have been rewritten (fresh notes, eternal floral, floral and fruity notes), making the sensual charm perfume more warm, round, mysterious and enchanting Bourbon vanilla and Amber patchouli creates a warm and soft sensual oriental fragrance.
While maintaining delicate and delicate, fresh notes, eternal floral and fruity notes are more important to create a round and soft side of the perfume.
Sunshine spicy notes composed of incense and pink pepper make the light and warm femininity even more mysterious and oriental.